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2014 Havanese National Specialty Show

Schedule of Events
Monday July 21st Arrival Day
9:00am: Show Set‐up

Tuesday July 22nd
7:30am: Registration begins amd will be available during most show events throughout the week.
8:00am: Agility Trials: Hotel Conference Center
Agility Trial Secretary Lori Sage. Questions, email Cheri Rippee: ripp@stx.rr.com
2:00pm‐6:00pm: Myra Savant “Reproduction and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar”
Evening: Free to Explore
Hospitality Open 6‐8pm to Hang Out

Wednesday July 23rd
8:00am: Obedience & Rally Trials: Hotel Conference Center Parades: (following Obedience & Rally)
2:45pm‐4:45pm: Professional Handler Harry Bennet “Grooming Your Havanese”
5:00pm‐6:30pm: Breeders Roundtable; Moderator: Jennifer Clevenger; Special Guest: Patti Strand, President NAIA
7:30pm‐10:00pm: Welcome Party ‐ Caricaturist: Barbara Pikus Location: Ballroom

Thursday July 24th
8:00am: Regional Specialty ‐ Judge: Mr. Robert Hutton
Judges’ Education (One Hour Following Regional Specialty Best of Breed) Presenter: Alice Lawrence
6:00pm‐10:00pm: HCA Buffet, Raffle, Auction, and Owner Handler Challenge

Friday July 25th
8:00am: National Specialty: Sweepstakes ‐ Judge: Elaine Cirimele
National Specialty: Junior Showmanship ‐ Judge: Joan Savage
National Specialty: 4‐6 mos. Puppy Competition ‐ Judge: Jan Paulk
1:00pm National Specialty: All Dog Classes, including Veterans ‐ Judge: Jan Paulk
12:30pm BAER Testing Clinic Begins ‐ Dr. Thrower
1 hour after Judging: HCA Annual Meeting
6:30pm– 10:00pm: HRI Reception ‐ for more information: Carol Croop crcroop@gmail.com

Saturday July 26th
8:00am: National Specialty Continues ‐ Judge: Jan Paulk
National Specialty: All Bitch Classes
National Specialty: Veteran Dogs and Veteran Bitch
National Specialty: Best of Breed
National Specialty: Stud Dog; Brood Bitch; Best Puppy; Best Bred‐By
7:00pm HCA Awards Banquet

Sunday July 27th
Goodbyes and Departure Day


Tuesday July 22, 2:00‐6:00pm … $35.00
Reproduction and Puppy Intensive Care Seminar – Presenter: Myra Savant
Known throughout the country as the whelping guru, Myra can be credited for helping hundreds of breeders save puppy and dam lives. The seminar will cover the life span of sperm and the best mes for breeding your bitch, along with important information about how sperm and egg meet and the things it takes for the mee ngs to result in puppies. It will cover the whelping process, the needs of the breeding age bitch, stuck puppies and the latest information in puppy resuscitation techniques.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 2:45‐4:45pm … $25.00
Grooming Your Havanese – Presenter: Professional Handler Harry Bennet
This presentation is not associated with any product, so we will have someone with vast experience in grooming Havanese give us all the important pointers. Harry will cover bathing, brushing, combing, and a few secrets we all need to know to be good groomers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014, 5:00‐6:30pm … Free to Attend
Breeder’s Round Table Discussion – Moderator: Jennifer Clevenger; Special Guest: Pa Strand, President NAIA
This is an informal discussion of breeders where you have the opportunity to sit and talk about all the issues and concerns you have. This year each participant is limited to a 2 minute response to questions posed by others. We want to show respect for all participant’s views and have me to hear everyone’s views. If you go over your allocated me, Jennifer will politely moderate and turn to others to express their views. Breeders will have an opportunity to meet and discuss the issues that concern them, sharing problems and solutions with other breeders who experience the same issues.

Thursday, July 24, 2014 Following the Regional Specialty Best of Breed -Free to Attend Judges Education Seminar: Presenter: Alice Lawrence
Our HCA Judge’s Education Committee will provide a thorough overview of our breed standard. Judges attending will have a ‘take away’. However, all Havanese Fanciers are welcome to attend and learn what the Ideal Havanese looks like, and how judges are trained to evaluate breed type.


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