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Havanese World publisher Gary A. Fujioka, Sr.Welcome to Havanese World! I built this platform for the Havanese community, and perhaps more specifically, for those of us that may be new to, or considering the Havanese breed.

I met my first Havanese in August of 2009. He was a charming little guy named Louie; happy, bright, and possessing wonderful temperament. After learning what breed he was, I wrote the word “havanese” on a scrap of paper and put it in my back pocket. Over the ensuing months and years I would surf the web looking for more information on these wonderful little dogs.

I found lots of information. The problem was that much of it was conflicting, presented with a bias or an agenda, inaccurate, or generic dog information disguised as ‘Havanese’ information. I am not a breeder, broker, trainer, or exhibitor – I am not selling anything and have just one agenda: to arm myself with accurate, quality information so that I can assure the ongoing well-being of my Hav, a precocious female named Rory. So this website is a labor of love, it is not my job.

Gary’s precocious sidekick Rory in her pink Seattle Seahawks jersey. Go Hawks!
My precocious sidekick Rory in her pink Seattle Seahawks jersey. Go Hawks!

In addition to that agenda I have something of a mission, and that is to do what I can so that prospective Havanese owners can be blessed as I am with a healthy Hav, free so far from any of the health issues that can affect the breed.

The growing popularity of the Havanese makes this a critical period for the breed. I know this because I watched for decades as the increasing popularity of the German Shepherd led to its sorry state today, a breed rife with genetic disorders.

If the Internet had been available as an educational tool 50 years ago, it’s entirely possible that an educated buying public would have brought the free market to bear on unscrupulous breeders and puppy mills and starved them out of existence. Today, if Havanese buyers are committed to buying a sound healthy puppy from health-tested lineage then much of the heartache experienced by owners of puppy mill German Shepherds might be avoided.

To be clear, I’m not holding myself out as any kind of Havanese expert. Far from it. I’m learning every day – and this site will let me share what I’m learning along the way. I’m excited that expert contributors are coming forward to be part of Havanese World and enrich us all with their collective experience.

Most of all, I hope this can be a place where we can share knowledge and learn from one another in order to become worthy stewards of an amazing breed.

Gary Fujioka, Sr.
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This website is dedicated to Louie, the first Havanese I ever met, his owner Diane Spera, and the Havanese Forum community that welcomed Rory and I.

Note: We do not sell advertising space on this site so we’re not beholden to anyone and the site remains uncluttered. On some pages you may see Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase an item from Amazon using those links, a very small amount goes to the site which is used to help defray hosting expenses. It does not affect the price you pay. Thank you.