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Heather Andrews has been raising, showing, and loving dogs for over thirty years. She has been exhibiting and breeding Havanese since 2003. Heather owns Caché Havanese in Winnemucca, NV. Click to email Heather.

How To Choose A Havanese Breeder

How to choose a Havanese Breeder.

You are investing thousands of dollars and perhaps 15 years of your life. The diligence you exhibit as you select a breeder, and then a dog, will have profound implications for your enjoyment of your new pupppy and the dog’s long-term well being. To help you make an educated decision we are publishing a comprehensive list of ‘red flags’ written …

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How to Blow Dry Your Havanese Like a Pro

How do Havanese experts dry their dogs’ long coats? This great video by Heather Andrews of Caché Havanese demonstrates the process with Air Force dryer, but the fundamentals are the same regardless of what kind of dryer you’re using. Heather is a respected breeder and wrote the article on how to spot Havanese breeders “red flags”. Additionally, Heather is Admin …

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