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Linda Fung has owned Havanese for over a decade and shares her Philadelphia area home with three pampered Havs; Bella, age 11; Fred, age 10, and Scudder, age 9. Linda is a professional makeup artist working in fashion, beauty, film, editorial, catalog, commercial, and corporate.

Chilly Dogs Keeps Havanese Warm And Dry

Chilly Dogs cold-weather dog apparel on Havanese World

Chilly Dogs®  is a small Ottawa company manufacturing quality cold-weather apparel for dogs – and doing so with a team of local sewers paid a living wage – not simply importing garments manufactured in China. Owner Julie Kelly calls Chilly Dogs a “function with flare dog coat designer” and they manufacture their product to the standards of human-worn apparel. With …

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Bostonista Dog Beds: A Labor of Love

Bostonista by Zoey dog bed review on Havanese World.

Bostonista Dog Beds provide pooped pooches a cool, comfortable elevated place to sleep indoors or out. Made from furniture-grade PVC and high grade breathable pet screen, the beds are lightweight, but strong. The beds, each hand-made by dog lover Lisa Pruitt-Smith resist water, odor, dirt, mold, mildew, and scratches. Lisa touts the bed’s durability and flexibility; in addition to the …

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Review: PupSaver Small Dog Car Safety Seat

The PupSaver is a car safety seat created for small breed dogs 30 pounds and under. Using the safety principles found in infant car seats the PupSaver is the only rear-facing small dog car seat on the market today. In case of a sudden stop the PupSaver provides impact protection using the dog’s weight and forward momentum to essentially catch …

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Ruggit Personalized Collars Combine Quality and Creativity

Ruggit Collars reviewed on Havanese World by Linda Fung.

Ruggit Collars offers an unmatched selection of personalized collars, tags, and buckles – all handcrafted in the state of Michigan by Darnell Brooks. Ruggit offers leather, suede, and nylon collars; embroidered or with a laser engraved buckle. You can order from a standard set of 5/8 inch and 1 inch dog collars adding your own personalization, or design a custom …

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