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Bostonista Dog Beds: A Labor of Love

Bostonista Dog Beds provide pooped pooches a cool, comfortable elevated place to sleep indoors or out.

Made from furniture-grade PVC and high grade breathable pet screen, the beds are lightweight, but strong.

The beds, each hand-made by dog lover Lisa Pruitt-Smith resist water, odor, dirt, mold, mildew, and scratches.

Lisa touts the bed’s durability and flexibility; in addition to the home, they’re great for porches, pool decks, backyard, camping, kennels and much more. They’re weather resistant and can stay outside 24/7, just hose off to clean.

The Bostonista is made is three sizes; Small 17″x21 for dogs 5-20 lbs., Medium 22″x29″ for dogs 20-40 lbs., and Large 28″x36″ for dogs 40-90 lbs. Pet screen colors in stock right now are black, grey, maroon, orange, teal, and taupe. Buyers can choose the white or black PVC frame and legs.

Lisa’s life mission is not to sell dog beds, per se. She maintains a full time job, and reinvests her Bostonista earnings back into materials so that she can make beds and donate them to rescue organizations. Below you’ll see a slide show that includes photos of her loading her truck with donated beds, as well as some of the rescue facilities she has generously furnished.

Comparing Bostonista beds’ superior quality to others is straightforward. You can compare the gauge and grade of the PVC on lesser-built beds and see the frame distort under the weight of the dog, where Lisa’s structure using furniture-grade PVC stays strong and does not flex. Further, you can see Bostonista’s triple-stitched design is superior to construction in which the fabric is riveted to the frame. Lisa’s design makes bed fabrics replaceable and interchangeable where the rivet method does not. The Bostonista design distributes the weight evenly; rivet design concentrates the stress at the point where the rivet meets the fabric meaning either or both can fail.

I’m very pleased to recommend Bostonista beds to you. In addition to being built better and with higher gauge PVC than others on Etsy and Amazon  they’re priced much more affordably – plus, buying a Bostonista dog bed is supporting dog rescue groups in a very real way.

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Bostonista by Zoey was created out of inspiration from my Boston Terrier Zoey.

zoey-havanese-world-org-bostonista-dog-bedZoey’s intelligence, talent, love and friendship has changed my life forever. She has opened my heart like no one could ever do before.

She is what has inspired every good thing I’ve done since I’ve had her.

We started making elevated pet beds a few years ago, first of all for her training, as a “place” tool, from there it just grew bigger.

We realized they were the best kind of bed that shelter, rescue, and incontinent dogs could have because they can stay outside in shelter kennels and only need to be hosed off. So we started on a mission to make sure we helped as many rescue Bostons as we could have a bed instead of a hard cement floor.

havanese-world-bostonista-bed-55We have done an enormous amount of rescue bed donations, whether it be auction donations for multiple rescue groups across the U.S. or one of our favorite partnerships, The Rescue Ranch in Rutledge, GA. They are a Boston Terrier rescue with their own kennel.

They have 17 kennels and we have restocked their kennels, both indoors and outdoors several times and in fact are about to do a Christmas in July to get them all stocked up with new beds.

We also partner with Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc. having done multiple fundraisers for and with them. Zoey has even become a mini doggy celebrity on Facebook and has almost 19,000 followers, facebook.com/ZoeyTheBooger.

We’ve been blessed to have so many supporters who help and encourage Zoey every time she posts a new fundraiser for rescue, and actually for people too.

We created Tails for Ta-Tas a few years ago after being told Zoey could not walk with me in my local breast cancer walk. So I simply created my own walk. Zoey has raised over $3,000.00 for the American Cancer Society from the amazing support of her fans, donations even as far as Japan!

Visit Lisa and Zoey’s website here.

Lisa has generously donated a medium Bostonista dog bed to the 2015 Havanese Rescue Auction – thank you Lisa!

Lisa supports (and we mean supports) three Boston Terrier rescue groups, as well as starting her own Tails for Ta-tas Breast Cancer Walk.

The Rescue Ranch
Rutledge, GA

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida
Lake Mary, FL

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida Senior Center
Houses hospice and older unwanted Boston’s that will never be adopted, so they can live out the rest of their lives with dignity and comfort, spending their quiet time on Bostonista beds.

Tails for Ta-tas Breast Cancer Walk

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Linda Fung has owned Havanese for over a decade and shares her Philadelphia area home with three pampered Havs; Bella, age 11; Fred, age 10, and Scudder, age 9. Linda is a professional makeup artist working in fashion, beauty, film, editorial, catalog, commercial, and corporate.

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