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Pup Mentored By Older Havanese

Here's a video that I think demonstrates the importance of puppy socialization. I brought my then 8-month old Rory to her first Yappy Hour and you can see her being 'adopted' and mentored by an older Havanese on matters such as interacting with unfriendly or overly rambunctious dogs, to going up and down the A-frame.

Rory was invited by members of the Havanese Forum to visit ‘Yappy Hour’, a weekly gathering where small dogs, including several Havanese go to play at Seattle’s K9 Fun Zone, an indoor dog park. What was fascinating to watch was how an older Havanese female named Diva obviously mentored the younger Rory; supervising and teaching during Rory’s interaction with other, …

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Havanese Raw vs Dry Stool Volume Comparison

Havanese stool volume discussed on Havanese World

So I have a reputation for being a little OCD about certain things and some of my friends in the Havanese community think it’s funny that I monitor Rory’s bath water with a digital thermometer and maintain a strict 100° F. I can only imagine what they’ll say when they see this . . . I feed my Hav Rory Darwin’s …

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What Darwin’s Looks Like When It Arrives

Ever wonder what Darwin’s Natural raw pet food looks like when it arrives by delivery and how much space you need to store it? The photos above show delivery by their truck. If you have it delivered by mail the packaging will differ slightly. When I asked before ordering how much room it would take up in my freezer, they …

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The One Thing Every Dog Owner Should Have

I don’t work for Amazon, but I can tell you with confidence that after your dog, the single best item you can buy is a $99 Amazon Prime Membership. Here’s why: Amazon puts a ginormous 323,831 products at your fingertips, most eligible for free two-shipping, and many eligible for free same-day delivery in eligible zip codes. The average pet store carries …

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Scientist: Our Dogs Hug Us With Their Eyes

Dr. Brian Hare on Havanese World

Brian Hare, director of the Duke Canine Cognition Center and author of The Genius of Dogs explains that oxytocin, the same hormone that helps new mothers bond with their babies, is released in both dogs and humans when they play, touch, or look into one another’s eyes. Dr. Brian Hare | Scientist. Author. Dog Guy. Anderson Cooper: Does Your Dog …

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Dog Treats: Made in USA, Grain-Free

Dog treats made in the USA and grain-free featured on Havanese World.

As evident in recent, tragically frequent Facebook posts, low quality foreign-sourced dog treats continue to bring heartache and death to dogs of all breeds. The FDA has over 5800 reports of illness associated with jerky treats alone, and has issued an import alert. For your convenience here are the American-made grain-free dog treats offered by Amazon.

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Exposed: Why Some Havanese Puppies Are $600

How some backyard Havanese breeders are able to sell "purebred" Havanese for $600/

If you wonder why some “Havanese breeders” only charge $600 for their pups, this is why. This backyard breeder says they have a purebred Havanese female and they are search for a male to breed with. They’d like it to be a purebred intact male Havanese or Yorkie and they’d like you to drop it off for a couple of days. They …

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