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Piddle Place indoor pet toilet use

Piddle Place indoor dog toilet on Havanese World.

Many of the questions I get are about housebreaking in general, and the use of an indoor pet toilet, the Piddle Place in particular. I’m working on a full product review but until it’s ready for publication this video will show how simple it is to use. I have Rory’s Piddle Place in the corner of a room, out of …

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Dog Treats: Made in USA, Grain-Free

Dog treats made in the USA and grain-free featured on Havanese World.

As evident in recent, tragically frequent Facebook posts, low quality foreign-sourced dog treats continue to bring heartache and death to dogs of all breeds. The FDA has over 5800 reports of illness associated with jerky treats alone, and has issued an import alert. For your convenience here are the American-made grain-free dog treats offered by Amazon.

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How to Train Your Havanese to be Alone

Havanese training videos free on Havanese World.

More to come in this description box. But this video is of the beginning steps of how to train your dog to love being left alone as well as how to set up a error free environment to leave your new puppy in. This video is low quality 1-because its so long, but I wanted you to get a sense …

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Havanese Grooming 101

Very instructive video by Darlah Potechin of Talemaker Havanese demonstrates the fundamentals of bathing and grooming your Havanese puppy or adult. Darlah and her husband Nathan are both extremely active in the breed, as owners and breeders. Darlah is co-chair for Havanese Rescue in Canada. Nathan publishes Havanese Breed Magazine and serves as president of the national Havanese breed club, the Havanese …

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Dr. Karen Becker On Raw Food Diets

Dr. Karen Becker discusses raw diets on Havanese World.

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker discusses the myths and truths about feeding your pet a species-appropriate raw food diet. Includes a foundation about basic nutrition for domesticated pet carnivores, sources of antioxidants, fiber, trace minerals, and fatty acids, moisture-density, the financial bias of the veterinarian industry, and why prey model diets sometimes get a bad rap. See raw diets available via Amazon.  …

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My First Home Grooming Experience

Havanese owner attempts first complete home grooming.

▲ You can move the slider back and forth to see the before and after. ▲ I made the assertion in my review of Jodi Murphy’s Havanese grooming instructional DVD that I thought the committed Havanese owner could successfully learn how to perform pet clips on their dogs at home. Sunday afternoon after my Seattle Seahawks lost to the Chargers …

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