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How To Care For Havanese Hot Spots

Hot spots are also known as pyotraumatic dermatitis or superficial pyoderma. Those tongue-twisters are just scientific labels for inflamed, infected skin. How Hot Spots Develop Hot spots are created when your dog’s natural bacteria overpopulates parts of his skin. When an infection arises from a dog’s own bacteria, there is almost always a root cause. Hot spots often occur in …

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Use Coconut Oil For Improved Digestion And A Lustrous Coat

Learn about the benefits of giving coconut oil to your Havanese.

Dr. Karen Becker discusses the importance of coconut oil in your Havanese’s diet. Coconut oil aids digestion. If you have a dog with a sensitive tummy, a natural probiotic combined with coconut oil may help by soothing your dog’s digestive system while increasing nutrient absorption. Coconut oil provides an energy boost and helps dogs lose weight. Extra weight compromises a …

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Video: Small Dog Vaccination Alert

A Purdue University vet school study (by Moore et al), published in 2005 in the AVMA Journal and widely-cited elsewhere (see AAHA Guidelines p. 22), tracked vaccine reactions occurring within 72 hours of vaccination for 1.2 million dogs vaccinated at 360 veterinary hospitals. It showed that small breed dogs receiving multiple vaccines per office visit were at greatest risk of …

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What are the Havanese breed’s health concerns?

Havanese are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they’re prone to certain health conditions. Not all Havanese will get any or all of these diseases, but it’s important to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed. This article can be, on it’s face, kind of alarming with it’s list of mysterious ailments. As compared to other purebred breeds …

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Dr. Karen Becker On Raw Food Diets

Dr. Karen Becker discusses raw diets on Havanese World.

Holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker discusses the myths and truths about feeding your pet a species-appropriate raw food diet. Includes a foundation about basic nutrition for domesticated pet carnivores, sources of antioxidants, fiber, trace minerals, and fatty acids, moisture-density, the financial bias of the veterinarian industry, and why prey model diets sometimes get a bad rap. See raw diets available via Amazon.  …

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Havanese Foods Ranked From Best to Worst

Food for Havanese dogs ranked best to worst on Havanese World.

In this article Dr. Karen Becker discusses her best-to-worst recommendations for diets for dogs explains how to improve the quality of the food you feed your own Havanese. Dr. Becker’s Comments: A subject readers here at Havanese World and clients at my animal clinic are very interested in is the kind of food they should be feeding their dog or …

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Will Popularity Ruin The Havanese Breed?

Havanese World

Will the ever-increasing popularity of the once-rare Havanese lead to the breed’s downfall? Will irresponsible and uneducated breeding by newly-minted Havanese ‘breeders’ result in the extreme health issues that plague the most popular breeds? The Havanese is gaining recognition as an affectionate, hypoallergenic dog, easy to keep in apartments or houses, wonderful with children and hardier than most toy breeds, …

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The Truth About Spaying And Neutering

Dr. Karen Becker writes for Havanese World courtesy of Mercola Happy Pets.

Once an ardent advocate of spaying or neutering every dog early in life, after being in private practice for a few years, Dr. Karen Becker noticed many of her canine patients were developing endocrine-related disorders. After a conversation with an expert in the field of veterinary endocrinology, Dr. Becker realized her practice of insisting on early spays or neuters for …

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New Evidence Shows Link Between Spaying, Neutering and Cancer

A recent study raises even more questions about traditional spay/neuter practices for U.S. dogs.

By Dr. Karen Becker A recent study raises even more questions about traditional spay/neuter practices for U.S. dogs. The study, titled “Evaluation of the risk and age of onset of cancer and behavioral disorders in gonadectomized Vizslas,”1 was conducted by a team of researchers with support from the Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation. It was published in the February …

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