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Chilly Dogs Keeps Havanese Warm And Dry

Chilly Dogs cold-weather dog apparel on Havanese World

Chilly Dogs®  is a small Ottawa company manufacturing quality cold-weather apparel for dogs – and doing so with a team of local sewers paid a living wage – not simply importing garments manufactured in China. Owner Julie Kelly calls Chilly Dogs a “function with flare dog coat designer” and they manufacture their product to the standards of human-worn apparel. With …

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Bostonista Dog Beds: A Labor of Love

Bostonista by Zoey dog bed review on Havanese World.

Bostonista Dog Beds provide pooped pooches a cool, comfortable elevated place to sleep indoors or out. Made from furniture-grade PVC and high grade breathable pet screen, the beds are lightweight, but strong. The beds, each hand-made by dog lover Lisa Pruitt-Smith resist water, odor, dirt, mold, mildew, and scratches. Lisa touts the bed’s durability and flexibility; in addition to the …

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Review: PupSaver Small Dog Car Safety Seat

The PupSaver is a car safety seat created for small breed dogs 30 pounds and under. Using the safety principles found in infant car seats the PupSaver is the only rear-facing small dog car seat on the market today. In case of a sudden stop the PupSaver provides impact protection using the dog’s weight and forward momentum to essentially catch …

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Updated Review: Richell Expandable Pet Pen

Richell expandable pet crate with floor tray reviewed on Havanese World by Gary Fujioka, Sr.

Richell is to pet pens what Apple is to smartphones, tablets, and computers. The Richell expandable pet pen is extremely well made, attractive, has no sharp surfaces to injure your puppy, expands, accepts an optional divider and top, and perhaps its best feature is its exclusive floor tray, that keeps all your puppiness out of your carpet or off your …

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Ruggit Personalized Collars Combine Quality and Creativity

Ruggit Collars reviewed on Havanese World by Linda Fung.

Ruggit Collars offers an unmatched selection of personalized collars, tags, and buckles – all handcrafted in the state of Michigan by Darnell Brooks. Ruggit offers leather, suede, and nylon collars; embroidered or with a laser engraved buckle. You can order from a standard set of 5/8 inch and 1 inch dog collars adding your own personalization, or design a custom …

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Thomas Labs Eye Stain Kit Review

Red yeast stains on a light colored or white dog look horrible. The topic of staining recurs regularly in all toy breed forums and websites including those pertaining to the Havanese. Like many of you, when faced with the issue of staining, I looked high and low for answers. I found a wide range of thought and suggested solutions that range …

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Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture 10-piece Pet Home Grooming Kit

The Alfie 10-piece pet home grooming kit comes in at just under $40 and includes a 7-inch curved sheer, six-inch stainless steel cutting sheer, 6-inch 26-tooth thinning sheer, 3.5-inch round-tip trimming scissor, razor grooming trimmer, comb lubricant, hair clips, cleaning cloth, and travel case. Though not strictly professional grade, one could definitely groom their dog regularly with this kit – and …

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