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Chilly Dogs Keeps Havanese Warm And Dry

Chilly Dogs®  is a small Ottawa company manufacturing quality cold-weather apparel for dogs – and doing so with a team of local sewers paid a living wage – not simply importing garments manufactured in China. Owner Julie Kelly calls Chilly Dogs a “function with flare dog coat designer” and they manufacture their product to the standards of human-worn apparel.

With an emphasis on fit and quality, Chilly Dogs makes winter coats, rain coats, fleece dog sweaters, terry cloth coats, soaker coats and towels, head muffs, belly bands, and more.

I chose the Great White North coat for Fred. Here in our part of Pennsylvania we get precipitation 116 days per year with an annual rainfall total over 44 inches. Both numbers are well above the U.S. average. Add to that an annual 22 inches of snowfall and you can see I have my work cut out for me keeping Fred and his compadres warm and dry.

logoI appreciate the priority Julie gives proper fit. As you can see on the chart here their XXS coats are as small as 8 inches and go all the way up to their XL with a length of 38 inches. If you view the fitting tutorial that follows my review and measure accordingly, you’ll get a great fitting, well-made item delivered to your door. Unlike most dog apparel companies, Chilly Dogs manufactures special size ranges for the long and lean breeds such as greyhounds and whippets. While that doesn’t come into play when we fit our Havanese, it does demonstrate a commitment to proper fit that I find commendable.

Great North dog coat available colors. Shipped to Canada, US, and International.
Great White North dog coat available colors.

Julie’s company is in Canada and all prices are in Canadian dollars. She does ship throughout Canada, the United States, and to international destinations. With the current rate of exchange American buyers get what amounts to about a 30% discount. This is partially offset, however, by slightly higher shipping costs to the United States.

As temperatures drop, you can’t go wrong with the breathable, durable, and machine-washable products from Chilly Dogs.

Visit the Chilly Dogs website to order online or find a store near you.

Special thank you to Chilly Dogs owner Julie Kelly for donating a Great White North dog coat to the Havanese Rescue Auction.


About Linda Fung

Linda Fung has owned Havanese for over a decade and shares her Philadelphia area home with three pampered Havs; Bella, age 11; Fred, age 10, and Scudder, age 9. Linda is a professional makeup artist working in fashion, beauty, film, editorial, catalog, commercial, and corporate.

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