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Darwin's Natural Pet raw dog food now available with free shipping through Amazon.

Updated: Free Shipping On Darwin’s Through Amazon

If you’ve been considering trying Darwin’s Natural Pet’s raw food diet for your dog but have been concerned with shipping costs, or if you’re currently a Darwin’s customer and paying for shipping (certain limited areas have free delivery), you may be pleased to learn that Darwin’s is now available with free shipping through Amazon. Free shipping is available to anyone in the U.S. and does not require a Prime membership.

Darwin’s has the Natural Selections and ZooLogics lines. Both are grain-free and gluten-free and share the exact same formulation, taste and texture. The Natural Selections line is organic in the sense that it is made with free range meat and organic vegetables, where the ZooLogics product is made with conventionally-grown ingredients. Animals used in the Natural Selections line have never been administered antibiotics where livestock sourced for the ZooLogics line may have received antibiotics only if needed by the individual animal. If an animal receives antibiotics, it is reserved from harvest for at least 30 days to be sure the antibiotic has been cleared.

Holistic veterinarian Karen Becker says organic raw is not necessary. Historically the Natural Selections line has cost about 20% more than ZooLogics, but through Amazon the cost differential is down to about 8%.

Here are some of my thoughts on feeding raw, one particular reason I feed raw, how feeding raw has affected Rory’s dental health, the comparative cost of feeding raw vs dry vs canned, and what a delivery of Darwin’s looks like when it arrives and how much freezer space it requires.

UPDATE: As I research this more, I believe Darwin’s is cost averaging the shipping when you buy through Amazon. They do that for simplicity and ‘fairness’ much like Detroit automakers used equalized freight so a car cost the same in San Francisco as it did in the Detroit city limits. They have averaged it at about 84¢ per lb. which means depending where you live (see their zone map below) it is cheaper to order direct from Darwin’s if you live in Zones 1, 2, or 3. If you live in Zones 4 or 5 it’s cheaper to buy through Amazon.


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    I looked up Darwin’s 20 lbs. at Amazon, and checked my last invoice (also 20 lbs.) from Darwin’s. On Amazon, it was $114.95 (free shipping) and I paid $118.60 to Darwin’s direct sale. I am in Zone 5. That is not much of a saving.

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