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Hello World! Welcome to Havanese World

Havanese World had a strong launch, recording 1,561 unique visitors and 1,871 visitor sessions in it’s first 48 hours. The Havanese World Facebook page had 4, 174 Likes and Post Reach of 1,862.

havanese-worlds-facebook-likesConsidering the sitemap had just been submitted to Google and Bing just 24 hours prior I’m pleased with the amount of traffic.

The website indexed quickly and both search engines immediately began driving organic traffic to the site. I’ll have a better idea after 60 days what kind of traffic the site will see, but these are strong numbers for a niche content site.

It tells me the public has a real interest in articles on buying a Havanese puppy, Havanese health, care, nutrition, grooming, training, and showing. To our many visitors; thank you, and welcome.

Havanese World had an auspicious start with 1,561 unique visitors in the first 48 hours.
Havanese interest seems to be evenly spread across the United States. Activity on our realtime analytics maps shifts westward later in the day as people on the East coast taper off for the day.

About Gary Fujioka, Sr.

Gary Fujioka, Sr. is a lifelong dog owner, first time Havanese owner. He is a proud father and grandfather, online presence management consultant, software developer, writer, musician, CEO of The Pathmark Group of Companies, and publisher of Havanese World.

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