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Modern Puppies Puppy Apartment Review

Stand by for an updated review using the new and improved 2016 Potty Training Puppy Apartment model.


About Gary Fujioka, Sr.

Gary Fujioka, Sr. is a lifelong dog owner, first time Havanese owner. He is a proud father and grandfather, online presence management consultant, software developer, writer, musician, CEO of The Pathmark Group of Companies, and publisher of Havanese World.

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    Thanks for your honest review. I couldn’t have found it at a better time. We are currently actively looking for a Havanese and looking for a solution to help with potty training. Since we already have an X pen, we will just add a bed and pee pads. Floors are hardwood so no problem. Like you, when we saw the ad for the puppy apartment, we were amazed and ready to order. Thank goodness for the Internet!

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