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Pedigreed Dogs Exposed

This BBC documentary is about the state of pedigreed dogs in the UK – not Havanese breeders in the US or elsewhere. The Havanese is a very healthy breed with low occurrence of the types of genetic issues documented here.
Though no Havanese dogs or breeders are involved in this BBC program, it does serve as a warning on the importance of working with a responsible breeder that does health testing.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed was a BBC One investigative documentary, produced by Jemima Harrison, which looked into health and welfare issues facing pedigree dogs in the United Kingdom. It was originally broadcast on 19 August 2008.

The Kennel Club (KC), the governing body of pedigree dogs in the UK that runs the prestigious dog conformation show Crufts, was criticized for allowing breed standards, judging standards and breeding practices to compromise the health of pedigree dogs.

The program generated much criticism of the Kennel Club. It also caused various sponsors and trade exhibitors to withdraw their participation from Crufts and other Kennel Club events. The BBC, which has broadcast Crufts for 42 years, withdrew its coverage of Crufts for 2009, and chose not to renew it for 2010.

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