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Review: PupSaver Small Dog Car Safety Seat

PupSaver special promotion on Havanese WorldThe PupSaver is a car safety seat created for small breed dogs 30 pounds and under. Using the safety principles found in infant car seats the PupSaver is the only rear-facing small dog car seat on the market today.

In case of a sudden stop the PupSaver provides impact protection using the dog’s weight and forward momentum to essentially catch and shield the dog, and prevent their small bodies from flying through the vehicle into hard surfaces or the car’s passengers.

The American-made product has successfully undergone crash testing at MGA Research which employs the same federal motor vehicle safety protocols used in testing child car seats.

The seat, available in leopard or houndstooth for $129.95 or faux fur for $159.95 attaches securely using a five-point seatbelt attachment system. I like the leopard print as it doesn’t show the dirt as bad when my Hav pack and I return from one of our frequent hiking trips.

pupsaver-houndstooth-havanese-worldI had previously used Snoozer Lookout car seats for my dogs that made it easier for them to look out the windows, but did not provide the crash-tested level of safety that the PupSaver does. The dogs appreciate the comfort of the new seats and do not appear at all to miss looking out the window.

The PupSaver is lightweight at about 5 pounds and has a convenient handle making it easy to carry. It fits all vehicles, either in the front seat or back, and doubles nicely as a pet bed when traveling on vacation.

Special Havanese Rescue Benefit Pricing

For a limited time the makers of the PupSaver have a program in effect and to benefit Havanese Rescue, Inc. and the Havanese community at large. PupSaver is offering 10% off purchase price, and donating another 10% of each PupSaver purchased to Havanese Rescue, Inc. I am so pleased to announce that PupSaver has already sent HRI a check for $250 which helps the nonprofit organization in its mission of rescuing Havanese and Havanese-mixes which are homeless or soon to be homeless.

Crash Test Video Visit PupSaver Website Installation Video

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Linda Fung has owned Havanese for over a decade and shares her Philadelphia area home with three pampered Havs; Bella, age 11; Fred, age 10, and Scudder, age 9. Linda is a professional makeup artist working in fashion, beauty, film, editorial, catalog, commercial, and corporate.

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