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How To Choose A Havanese Breeder

How to choose a Havanese Breeder.

You are investing thousands of dollars and perhaps 15 years of your life. The diligence you exhibit as you select a breeder, and then a dog, will have profound implications for your enjoyment of your new pupppy and the dog’s long-term well being. To help you make an educated decision we are publishing a comprehensive list of ‘red flags’ written …

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Exposed: Why Some Havanese Puppies Are $600

How some backyard Havanese breeders are able to sell "purebred" Havanese for $600/

If you wonder why some “Havanese breeders” only charge $600 for their pups, this is why. This backyard breeder says they have a purebred Havanese female and they are search for a male to breed with. They’d like it to be a purebred intact male Havanese or Yorkie and they’d like you to drop it off for a couple of days. They …

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