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Dog Treats: Made in USA, Grain-Free

Dog treats made in the USA and grain-free featured on Havanese World.

As evident in recent, tragically frequent Facebook posts, low quality foreign-sourced dog treats continue to bring heartache and death to dogs of all breeds. The FDA has over 5800 reports of illness associated with jerky treats alone, and has issued an import alert. For your convenience here are the American-made grain-free dog treats offered by Amazon.

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How To Find Playmates For Your Havanese

The Havanese is an extremely social dog and positive play time experiences are critical to its development and well-being. If you’re one of the estimated 30% of American (dog owner) homes with two or more dogs play time is likely not an issue. For the remaining 70% of us, finding playmates take some effort. It is important to find playmates …

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