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Havanese Home Grooming Shop in a Closet

Author Gary Fujioka built a home grooming station for his Havanese in a coat closet.

I wanted a convenient area for Rory’s grooming; her daily combing and brushing, cleaning her eyes and ears, brushing her teeth, etc. – and when I get the courage up, to do her full grooming. Update: I got the courage up. The problem is I did not have a place to set it up. Many Havanese owners adapt their laundry rooms …

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How Havanese Play

How Havanese play

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Watch older Hav look out for and mentor pup

Older Havanese mentors younger Hav puppy.

This video is for me, a fascinating look at Havanese behavior and interaction. At 8 months, my pup Rory was pretty overwhelmed by the number of dogs at her first visit to the K9 Fun Zone Indoor Dog Park but Diva took her under her wing to show her how the big Havs do it. Diva is a confident, energetic, …

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