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Video of Havanese Using Piddle Place Indoor Toilet Option

I haven’t posted this video of Rory “doing her business” on the Piddle Place indoor toilet option thinking it kind of invades the little girl’s privacy but that’s probably just my anthropomorphism run amok, and people tell me it’s “inspiring” in an odd sort of way.
I get that. When you’re struggling to housetrain your puppy you want to hold on to any little source of hope. So yes, let this video serve to show you that it’s easy to train a puppy to use the Piddle Place.

I’ll do an actual review at some future date, but know that there are so many reasons why an indoor option makes sense:

    1. Toy breed dogs have tiny bladders and short digestive tracts; an indoor option removes physical and emotional stress on the both of you.
    2. Studies show dogs using indoor toilet options suffer less urinary tract issues.
    3. Weather! Nobody really wants to go out in the rain or snow. Or today here it’s 91°, so extreme heat is no picnic either.
    4. No more buying pee pads!
    5. No more cleaning up shredded pee pads!
    6. Works with all breeds
    7. Works for both male and female pets
    8. Condo? Apartment building? Stairs? Elevators?
    9. Great for travel; hotels, motels, boats, and RV’s
    10. Sleep! Just like clockwork Rory climbs down from the bed and leaves a little night deposit on her Piddle Place – and without waking me to take her out, or worse yet, failing to wake me to take her out.
    11. Are you a senior citizen not up to the rigors of multiple jaunts?
    12. Works for cats, too.
    13. No buying, scooping, and discarding dog or cat litter.
    14. Stays cleaner and subsequently odorless compared to the UGODOG.

And yes, it is in a back corner, which is nice to not have it right in the middle of everything. You can see them on Amazon in the box below and have one shipped right to your doorstep.

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Gary Fujioka, Sr. is a lifelong dog owner, first time Havanese owner. He is a proud father and grandfather, online presence management consultant, software developer, writer, musician, CEO of The Pathmark Group of Companies, and publisher of Havanese World.

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