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Would You Punch a Cougar to Save Your Havanese?

It seems that punching dangerous predators in the face in efforts to save others has become quite the trend in the news lately. From people punching sharks in North Carolina to save children to a mother rabbit attacking a snake to save her babies, these heroes do what it takes to protect their own.

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Shawn Hanson is no exception. When Hanson came across a cougar attacking his beloved Daschshund puppy in British Columbia, he went all out Hulk on the jerk. Hanson chased down the cougar, snatched it, and punched it in the face. OH SNAP! That’ll teach the menacing creature a thing or two about messing with someone’s pet.

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The evil cougar was knocked out cold by Hanson’s mean hook, giving Hanson enough time to snatch up his rifle. After firing a warning shot, the clearly egotistical cougar continued to walk towards Hanson, thus forcing Hanson to take another shot at the wild mountain cat. While Hanson felt badly about using his rifle, he expressed that had the wild cougar not attacked Hanson, it would have attacked someone else. The cougar crossed a line and Hanson delivered the final punishment.

– Courtesy of AOL

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